Booth Extrusions,a pioneer and leader in aluminium profiles

Local Industries vs Imports

Booth extruisions ltd is the result of Dr Manu Chandaria 's vision of strengthening the Kenya economy through the manufacturing sector,especially in the infrastructure segment.This is how the pioneer in the aluminium profiles industry in the region.Booth is a part of the vast and well diversified Comcraft Group of Companies.

The origins of Booth Extruisions dates back to 1964 when it was located in Nairobi. In 1977 the company moved to the sprawling 12 acre factory in Thika,50km northeast of Nairobi .It is a wholly intergrated factory compromising extrusion press,foundry,adonising and powder coating facilities.It still remains the only fully intergrated aluminium extrusions manufacturer in east Africa. From this modern and new plant built in 1977,Booth expanded

its market and began exporting,to Uganda ,Tanzania,Rwanda,Burundi , Sudan and Ethiopia .The company has registered impressive growth and today is the leading brand of aluminium profiles in East Africa.

"This growth has not been easy,"says the company spokesperson; "the market still has some not so quality conscious contractors who cut corners and use sub-standard products ,both imported and local

They evaluate the products to be used on single dimension price. In the process ,the end customer ,the property owner gets short changed.In the long run he will spend more to repair and maintain not to speak of the huge inconveniences and frustrations of product failure."

But booth Extrusions persisted against all odds and held on to its core value that quality is the only way to build a durable brand .The company constantly invested in upgrading its facilities and quality control laboratory and instrumentaltion.That is why to date,Booth Extrusions is the only Aluminium Extrusions Company to have ISO9001/2008 certification in East Africa. "Our biggest quality testimony is not the ISO Certification,"says the company spokesperson, "it is the loyalty of our customers.

Many large,reputed architects,contractors and fabricators have been steadfast in their loyalty despite the many 'cheaper' options available especially manufacturers from China .They have seen the value in relying on a quality local manufacturer." The skyline of East Africa is dotted with impressive structures all of which stand testimony to the durability and quality of Booth Extrusions. "These buildings are our enduring quality certifications ,"says the spokesperson. With the East African market in general and Kenya n market in particular poised for substantial growth the challenges facing the construction industry are many.Of grate significance is the price and quality trade off. Unscrupulous operators continue to import substandard aluminium profiles at very cheap prices and unsuspecting clients think they have made big."savings" in construction costs.It is with time they realise How wrong they have been and spend a fortune to salvage and rectify all that will have gone wrong.

Companies like booth are hoping that the customer realises that cheaper products give an illusion of cost saving in the short term but turn out to be more expensive in the long run not to mention the loss of reputation ."Institutions like the Kenya Bureau of Standards(KEBS) should bring in stricter quality standards on imports and help improve customer awareness.This will be a huge contribution to the industry and country's well-being as a whole ," says Booth spokesperson.


Prof Mabel Imbuga VC JKUAT and Mr R Tewary Group Managing Director Comcraft Group Of Companies


The company ,s commitment to be a quality player does not stop with products manufactured but goes beyond.Booth has teamed up with Jomo Kenyatta University Of Agriculture and Technology(JKUAT) to offer a course on Aluminium Fabrication.This course will impart structured knowledge and enhance local skills on a critical aspect of construction industry. The course will cover aspects of design,fabrication,alternative material,planning and safety.This will develop a pool of qualified fabricators who will grow expertise and knowledge in this segment

The architects,contractors,fabricators and even the end-cuustomer should value such contributions to East Africa and not be misguided on the single dimensions of price.

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